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This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


How can I verify my CCS Account? 

Please upload the photo ID page of your passport or front and back of your national ID card.

We also need an address verification document, which is not older than 3 months from the sign up date. These have to be official bills, as for example electricity, gas, water or telephone.

How can I add my PERNUM?

For Updating your PERNUM please login and click on Manage Profile. Then please click on the PERNUM button and you will be able to update your PERNUM. If you have updated a wrong PERNUM and you need to change it to the correct one please contact our live chat support.

Where can I find my TRN?

After you made a Deposit or Withdraw order, CCS will send you per email a new Invoice  with a new TRN, which we need for adding the funds to your account or for follow up your transactions, if there should be any issue.

Why are my ID documents not accepted? 

There could be several reasons why CCS doesn‘t accept some ID documents.

1. Non Government ID Card or Passport
2. Unclear and not readable
3. ID documents expired
4. Your Address verification document doesn‘t show the same name and address by which you registered on CCS


How do I change my password? 

If you forgot your password, you can reset it easily by following these steps below :
1. When you are on the Sign-In page you will see written on the right side “Recover my Password“.
Please fill in your email address of your CCS account and you will get a new Password via email.
2. For changing your password you need to login to your account with the new Password, then you need to click on “Manage Profile“ and scroll down until you see the Update Password field.
3. Fill in the Password that you want.

How do I change my Account Information?

Your ID update as First-Lastname, email address and also Phone number needs to be changed by our Support-Team. Just contact them and you will receive directly a response. The address update can be changed by yourself.

Until now I have not received my deposit yet. What should I do?

Don‘t forget to write the TRN of your Deposit in the transfer details, when making the payment. Please contact our Support-Team after 5 business days, if the funds are not by then on your account and send them the Transfer confirmation from your Bank along with the TRN. Our Team can start to investigate then and will contact you within 24-48 hrs via email. 

How to make a Deposit?

After you are logged into your account, choose the option  “Deposit“. You will find it on the left side of the page. Then you need to choose your deposit method and fill all blanks. After that you have to request the verification code, which will be sent to you immediately via email. When you received the verification code you need to confirm it on the deposit confirmation page. We will send the next email with your deposit invoice, which contains our Banking details for your deposit to CCS. In the invoice there will be a TRN (Transaction No.) Please don’t forget to put the TRN from your CCS Invoice in your Payment details when you send the funds.


Do you have a Live-Chat for your customers?

Yes, we do. When you need some help you will find our Live-Chat directly on the right side of your monitor. Our Live-Chat is available from 1 pm until 9 pm (Europe time).

How do I make a withdraw to my bank account? 

Please click on “Banking“ and choose the option “Withdrawal“. After that you need to choose your withdraw type and fill the withdraw form. When your payment is processed you will get an notification mail from our side. 

How can I purchase Bitcoin?

Please click on “Buy Bitcoin” and select the wallet, that you need to purchase Bitcoins with and please fill in the amount that you need to purchase.

How can I purchase YEM?

Please click on “Order Buy/Sell” then you can choose YEM. In order to purchase an order please click on “Buy”. Then you will need to click on “Request Email Code” After seconds you will receive an email with a verification code, that you need to insert to purchase the order.

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World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free
Industrial Zone) 4600
Kutaisi Georgia

  • World Finance Street LLC
    Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
    (Hualing Kutaisi Free
    Industrial Zone) 4600
    Kutaisi Georgia

World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone)
4600 Kutaisi Georgia
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