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Commission earnings through promotional packages!

Commission earnings through promotional packages!

Advertising costs money, without advertising no growth.
We can achieve this growth on a small scale or accelerate our growth in a turbo-like manner through massive advertising.

We want to insert the turbo, and have decided to offer you advertising packages for sale.

We will sell 150.000 advertising packages, an advertising package costs 10 €.

What are the benefits for you?

  • We increase sales through advertising, you receive commissions permanently.
    12% commission for advertising package a year is a realistic magnitude, and the trend is rising. The commission results primarily from the CCS transaction fees.

  • As an added bonus, your personal CCS transaction fees are reduced by 50%. A never-recurring price advantage.

  • Commissions are paid instantly and in real time on your commission wallet.

  • You will receive a contract with all details.

Grow with us by increasing our advertising budget.

We trust in your entrepreneurial spirit and rely on you.
We are a reliable partner and will inform you duly where advertising through you is taking place.

Our goals and our visions!

Our aim is to reach 1.000.000 active private customers in 2019.

At the same time shops, who offer articles or services and accept virtual currencies shall be connected with CCS. Through intensive and professional advertising, combined with unique selling points and high customer satisfaction, we are sure to achieve these goals.

We want to become one of the leading companies in crypto currency trading. The shareholders and affiliate participants should be a part of us. Everyone, whether customer or business partner, should be able to exploit these advantages, so that we become strong together.

When everyone is connected and everyone is enthusiastic about the company's performance, there is nothing to prevent further advancement.

Together we will enlarge, improve, continuously modernize and shape CCS. This union should strengthen the sense of WE, so that CCS should be our all CCS.

How are the profits achieved?

Through revenue from currency exchange and transaction fees of our customers. Professional Online Advertising and in the traditional Media.

Buying and selling of Cryptocoins in big quantities at fully regulated partners, where we have our own accounts (we buy when the price is low and sell on a different platform at higher prices).

Mining of Cryptocoins, with which we will achieve additional high profits in the next few years.

Road Map

2Pay4You offers the possibility to register for one personal and/or business account with as many wallets as you may need. You can open wallets in any of the currencies that 2Pay4You has integrated.

When sending funds among 2 wallets with different currencies, a small exchange fee is charged.

2018 - Foundation and Company Structure

1st quarter
Planning and preparation of the company

2nd quarter
Planning and preparation of the company

3rd quarter
Founding World Finance Street LLC in Georgia with all required licenses

4th quarter
Start of the new Website with extensive Backoffice
–  Statistiken
–  Affiliate Program
–  Share Issue

2019 - Development and Advertising

1st quarter
Enhancement of the platform
–  Credit card connection ATM cards with bank account
–  Incorporation of further popular coins
–  Start of the advertising package distribution in real-time.

2nd quarter
Start of professional advertising
–  Development of further business relationships
–  Further revision of the website.

3rd quarter
Extension of the trading platform
–  Issue of our own coin
–  Increase of the employee base.

4th quarter
–  Launch of our own coin ICO CCS
–  CCS Coin is immediately after purchase exchangeable in BTC.
Target to reach 1.000.000 customers by the end of the year

2020 - Coin and intensive Marketing

1st quarter
–  Marketing our own coin
–  Our coin as a fully-fledged means of payment for shops, private and business customers.

2nd quarter
–  Foundation of a Donation Organization
–  Get known on TV with celebrities and actors

3rd quarter
–  TV Advertising
–  Expansion of business relationships with existing and new customers.
Create additional marketing measures.

4th quarter
–  1st Team Meeting of the Members
–  Creation of other International Offices
Target: minimum 2.000.000 customers

2021 - Community Building

1st quarter
–  Advertising on TV
–  Online Advertising
–  Interviews
–  Fairs

2nd quarter
–  Internet Coffeeshops to open in every major city worldwide
Coffeshops are set up by us and the licenses granted.

3rd quarter
–  2nd Team Meeting of the Members
–  Preparation, planning, conversion of LLC into an Public Company.

4th quarter
–  Listing among the 5 best Exchangers worldwide.
Target: 5 million customers

2022 - Growing together

1st quarter
–  Conversion of the LLC into Public Company
–  Online Advertising
–  Interviews
–  Fairs

2nd quarter
3rd Team Meeting of the Members
Event in Thailand
Preparation Listing on a stock exchange. Time window approx. 6 - 9 months

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Address : World Finance Street LLC, Avtomshenebeli str., N 88, (Hualing Kutaisi Free, Industrial Zone) 4600, Kutaisi Georgia
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World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free
Industrial Zone) 4600
Kutaisi Georgia

  • World Finance Street LLC
    Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
    (Hualing Kutaisi Free
    Industrial Zone) 4600
    Kutaisi Georgia

World Finance Street LLC
Avtomshenebeli str., N 88,
(Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone)
4600 Kutaisi Georgia
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